Roll on - off compactors

Standard version


The horizontal ram compactor is ideal for compaction of municipal solid waste and similar; packaging waste (paper boxes, cardboard, cellophane, polystyrene); materials easily reduced in volume (plastic bottles, lightweight plastic boxes, waste from industrial processes).
The horizontal ram compaction system consists of a presser controlled by two oil-hydraulic cylinders placed inside the structure. The compression blade (ram) is guided by angular sections placed on the bottom of the compression chamber and sliding is assured by cast polyamide shoes (ERTALON 6PLA).
The material fed into the loading mouth, falls into the compression chamber at the moment when the blade moves backward and is pushed into the box during the forward movement of the blade transferring the waste from the loading mouth into the compacting compartment. A sliding plate installed above the compression blade prevents the material from falling behind the same during forward motion.

The horizontal ram roll on/off compactor is available in two versions:
Model APB with tilt opening hatch using connection to the hydraulic system of the transport tractor or roll-off equipment. The hatch opening angle of 130° prevents it from rubbing against the waste on the
ground and allows the equipment to tilt completely to conveniently extract the material from the box.
Model APL with manually opening, single casement hatch. The hatch rotates by 270° on three hinges. Closure is assured by three pawls placed on the opposite side of the hinge controlled by a manual
ratchet system. For both hatches, tightness is assured by a gasket on the two side jambs on the entire height and on the lower casement.

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