Sales and service

Sales process, management programs and customer feedback.

The success of a sale comes from a combination of several factors: dynamics of the production process, quality of the product, expertise of the sales technician. The specialised sales network interacts with the customer by means of a collaborative approach and consultancy aimed at ensuring full customer satisfaction. We offer not only products by solutions!

The sales process of our products originates mainly from the reports received from sales agents, the direct contact of customers received at our factory, contacts via our website, during trade fairs and from receiving invitations or identifying announcements concerning public and private competitions. The process is managed by sales persons operating in dedicated areas / fields. During the product definition, negotiation, sales and after-sales phases, the sales management and product manager give full support to the agent and can follow each step of the negotiation thanks to the use of dedicated programs such as:

• Product configurator.
• Database for offers and to record activities at the customer's site.
• Company management.

Analyse the records of each step of the negotiation and therefore the feedback of agents and customers, ensures the achievement of our objective: to develop and improve the performance of our products.

A professional and dedicated after-sales assistance service.

Meeting the requirements of the customers, even after the sale, is our strong point. The after-sales assistance service for our customers is not limited to the mere intervention, but it is only the start of a process aimed to allow for the constant improvement of efficacy and efficiency, such as to preserve the relationship with the customer based on trust, and to guarantee a measurable return on the investment also operated only in terms of cost savings and indirect influence over sales increases. The objective is to improve the quality of the service every day to ensure the maximum performance of the products.

With a dedicated technical office, a team of qualified maintenance operators and a network of authorised workshops, BTE is able to provide complete assistance in Italy and abroad.

After-sales service
A professional and dedicated after-sales assistance service.

Our relationship with our customers does not end with the sale.

In fact, with a dedicated after-sales assistance service, we are able to provide complete and specialised consultancy in Italy and abroad, to meet any technical and professional requirements.