A lean productive process

Each product is the result of an advanced production process, a complex system which is divided into various phases managed by highly qualified personnel. The daily goal is to achieve an optimal performance of the production process.

From the selection of the materials for production, to the final testing of the product, the production process consists of various stages monitored constantly. The main production processes are: the cutting and processing of raw materials, manual and automatic welding, hydraulic and electrical equipment, painting and finishes, management of the technical assistance processes and repairs.

The process phases.

Management of orders and updating of the production programs
Selection and collection of the materials for production
Fitting the equipment and machinery
Realisation of the work and control phases on the products
Final preparation of the product
Allestimento e montaggio dei veicoli
Final testing of the product
Direct support to operators
Daily check of the progress of the processes


A team of professionals study, design and builds innovative machines and solutions in response to the demand of the market, which is more and more oriented towards the protection of the environment.

The latest equipment and software guarantee the process maximum quality and reliability. Technicians, engineers and designers work in the B.T.E. design studio every day. The continuous upgrade and experience gained by the team allows for the best solutions to be found to meet the needs of the sector. For each new project, the technicians develop drawings and technical data sheets, 3D processing, structural analyses, FEM, manuals and technical files.

The B.T.E. design office features:

> 4 workstations dedicated to the design
> 2D CAD software
> CAD / CAM 3D parametric software