Roll on - off compactors

Solar power model

Thanks to 8m2 of photovoltaic modules installed on the roof, a pack of high-efficiency batteries and software to manage and optimise energy resources on the machine, BTE solar power compactors are
suitable for use where there is no electricity or far from the mains.
Furthermore, the extremely low noise level combined with a modern and attractive design makes the photovoltaic solution suitable for installation in recycling centres located in prime urban settings,
town centres or areas intended for temporary events such as trade fairs and special events.
The top part of the hopper is protected by a sliding canopy, fitted with 2 photovoltaic modules, with 4 other photovoltaic modules installed on the box area in a fixed position.
The battery pack has been designed to meet the specific need for constant and prolonged power supply.
The system’s modularity assures operation with batteries as well as connection to the power mains, so the machine may also be used when there is no stored power due to insufficient light or adverse weather conditions. A version without photovoltaic panels is also available, having oversized batteries so the compactor is able to work autonomously.

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