B.T.E designs and distributes on the market thousands of products thanks to a dedicated and professional service able to meet the market needs. B.T.E. products are born from the experience of a leading company in the industry whose aim is to improve continuously by designing innovative solutions and features.

25 years of experience in the collection, compacting and transport of waste.


From the first contact with the customer, to the design and production of the product, to after-sales service: we employ the best resources to ensure efficient and quality services, able to meet the needs of the market.

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A wide range of technologically advanced equipment for the collection of all types of materials. Choose the family and discover all the products.

Waste transport

Everything for companies that offer as a service the transportation of waste. Vehicles with removable, tipping and fixed equipment, with an engine or intended to be towed such as trailers and semi-trailers.

Roll on - off compactors

All in one! Receives, compacts and stores. The removable compactors are the best product for those who need to reduce the volume of the waste with a mobile and non-fixed solution. They are available in the versions with drawer, single-blade and auger. Powered by electricity, independent with Diesel engine or with low environmental impact by means of photovoltaic panels. Suitable for manual transfer (from the ground or raised floor) or via satellite vehicles.

Static/Stationary Compactors

Unlike removable compactors, stationary presses can be considered real systems. The compacting part is fixed to the ground and the containers that receive the waste are changed once filled. Stationary presses, in the various versions offered, are suitable for manual or automatic transfer systems (e.g.: Conveyor belts, bin tilters, conveyors, etc.). The context in which they are installed goes from a simple open space to the most complex waste treatment systems, including transfer stations.


From the smallest to the biggest, fixed or removable, open or closed. For some it is simply a metal box to throw waste into, for others it is a choice of durability and reliability aimed at a special need / use.

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Discover the quality used, guaranteed BTE. Find the model you are looking for.

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